Ukrainian Tourists arrived as the launching the pilot project to open the country for tourism

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186 Ukrainian tourists from Kiwi, Ukraine arrived in Sri Lanka from Mattala Airport today (28) on a Sky-Up flight Pq 555 at 2.08 pm today (28) launching the pilot project to open the country to airports and tourists.

A special dance was organized by the Sri Lanka Tea Board to welcome them at the Mattala Airport premises. The Tea Board also gave away a gift package of local tea to all visitors. The airport and the airline also gave a special treat to all the arriving tourists.

Sri Lanka’s airport was closed on March 19 due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Accordingly, no tourists arrived in the country during the last 9 months and the airport was operated only for special flights carrying foreign workers and for cargo and passenger handling. Nearly 3 million people directly and indirectly dependent on the tourism industry in Sri Lanka have been affected by the loss of their livelihoods.

The Ukrainian tour team arrived at the island 72 hours ago. They were checked and given another PCR before staying at the respective hotels. Tested. They are scheduled to undergo another PCR test in the next 7 days. They are scheduled to stay in the country for 10 days. They will be staying in the coastal areas of Koggala and tourists will not be able to visit the areas frequented by the locals.