Indonesia plane crash: Boeing 737 vanishes oversea with 60 onboard as debris found


Boeing 737 passenger plane has crashed into the sea near the Indonesian capital Jakarta shortly after takeoff. It had more than 60 people on board.
The Sriwijaya Air passenger plane lost contact after taking off from the Indonesian capital Jakarta earlier today en route to Pontianak in West Kalimantan province.
According to the tracking site Flightradar24, It’s been reported the flight fell 10,000ft in less than one minute, about four minutes after taking off. Also still the unclear point is what the case to crash. This will be another massive headache to aviation giant Boeing by adding another deadly crash. An also Boeing battered by years of investigations over deadly crashes.

Sriwijaya Air began the operations in 2003 and had not a single fatal accident in their aviation history. As a many island country Indonesia, the short distance flight services highly depend on their transportation.