All schools including Western Province schools commence today

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All schools in the island including the Western Province will commence today (29).

The Ministry of Education has informed all the schools regarding Covid-19 guidelines issued by the Director General of Health Services.

Prof. Kapila Perera, Secretary to the Ministry of Education has issued a special circular for year 2021 regarding the commencement of Grade 1 and other grades which are not yet started at government schools and government-approved private schools in the Western Province on 29 March addressing to Provincial Education Secretaries, Provincial Education Directors, Zonal Education Directors, Divisional Education Directors, Pirivenadhipathi Theros and Principals.

Accordingly, all schools in the Western Province will resume academic activities on March 29, 2021 for the grades that have not been started so far and if a certain area is isolated, schools in that area should be temporarily closed until the isolation is lifted in the relevant area.

Preparation of schools to maintain Covid-19 guidelines from today (29) onward took place from 26th to 28th March. The circular further emphasized that it is not appropriate to conduct exams or competitions as soon as the school opens, giving priority to adopting children back to the school environment and engaging them inappropriate activities to improve their mental health.

The circular also includes a guide on how to conduct classes while maintaining social distance. Accordingly, classes which have up-to 15 students should be conducted every day of the week, while the classes where there are 16 to 30 students should be divided into two groups and classes should be conducted every other week. In addition, classes with more than 30 students should be divided into three groups and classes should be conducted on an equal number of days.

The circular notifies that with regard to the academic and non-academic staff since academic activities are resuming, all of them are required to report for duty as usual.

The guidelines regarding the resumption of academic activities are published on the official website of the Ministry of Education that can be accessed via

Furthermore, the first term of schools is scheduled to conclude on 09th April 2021 and the second term will resume on 19th April 2021.

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